The Less Is More Golf® method was born from two minds more than 20 years ago on the Costa del Golf, Marbella, Spain.

It was created by the demand and need to find a simple and healthy system, in order to help golfers play better and longer, without suffering from the typical pain caused by golf.

So a former computer scientist and systems analyst, who is now a Golf Professional and Teacher, along with a former professional athlete, who is now a sports physical therapist and golf teacher, created the Less Is More® Method and it turned out to be a success.

Its simple gestures and guidelines aim to awake the abilities present in each one, taking advantage of natural and safe gestures for the body. In addition, the technological evolution that golf clubs have undergone in recent years is taken into account, educating the player to get the maximum potential with as little effort as possible.

less is more golf method

The Less Is More® method is suitable for all ages and levels, although it is extraordinary in the huge amateur public. Due to its constant attention to the prevention of injuries related to the game of golf, the method is endorsed by Doctors, Physiotherapists and sports trainers. In addition to the merely physical aspect, the method is a revolution since, thanks to the use of applied studies of neurolinguistics, neuroplasticity, emotional intelligence and mindfulness, they lead the student towards fast, solid and fun learning.

In order to achieve even a more powerful result, didactic tools and video analysis are used in the classes, so that the player learns with all the senses active in a natural and orderly way.

Less Is More Method, the revolution has just begun! https://youtu.be/gjihcLmtSSA

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