In addition to healthy classes, the Less Is More Golf® Method highlights the Body Fitting service.
This service is a pretty special golf class, guided by the physiotherapist and golf teacher Chiara Cantone; born from the need of many players to prevent and cure physical pain, related to the practice of golf.

After analyzing and studying all the medical documentation that the student brings, we study the player’s movement when hitting the ball, identifying the gestures and harmful moments of the swing that feed his physical problem.

We help people with mild discomfort, as well as post-operative conditions in which we offer personalized rehabilitation in the same practice field, so that the player can play again as soon as possible in total safety.

At the end of the class, we draft a detailed summary which contains the problem and the solution, corrections, suggestions, exercises and nutritional advice if necessary.

With this detailed and personalized report, the player is free to continue learning with us through the 100% healthy Less Is More Golf® method (endorsed by doctors, physiotherapists and sports trainers), return to their country or continue training wherever they please, under our healthy guidelines.

Here’s an example: N.C. 69 years old, he underwent a pretty important intervention in his spine (lower back) and despite the generic warnings of the doctors, he did not want to give up golf and came to meet us.
As you can see from the X-ray, his lower back was blocked so, along with physiotherapy treatments at home in order to speed up his recovery, we insisted on developing his upper body skills and went from a hard rod to a softer one, so that the stick could help him more.

In your report you’ll also have personalized functional exercises and nutritional recommendations.

To date, N. has not had to stop playing; he is pain-free and enjoys the company of his friends and golf.

And as we always say “Feel better, play better”.

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